Journal Inquirer

Dec. 4, 2016

The FBI on Thursday began a multi-agency investigation of a New Hampshire property formerly owned by Windsor resident John Chakalos, whose 2013 homicide remains unsolved.
Chakalos is the father of a woman presumed dead after her son’s boat sank in September during an outing. Her son, Nathan James Carman, survived after being found adrift in a raft for about a week.
Carman, now 22, was a suspect in his grandfather’s murder at one time.
A spokeswoman in the FBI Boston field office, Kristen M. Setera, said an evidence-response team searched the Spofford, New Hampshire, property at 271 Route 9A.
Setera declined to comment further.
One of Chakalos’ daughters found his body Dec. 20, 2013 at his home on 52 Overlook Drive in Windsor. He had been shot.
Carman was considered a suspect in Chakalos’ death as he had dinner with his grandfather the night before.
Investigators did not find shell casings at the Windsor crime scene, leading them to theorize that the killer removed evidence from the home.
During an investigation of Carman’s Middletown apartment, police seized a shotgun, a rifle scope, a pellet rifle, dozens of shotgun shells, and a state “ammunition certificate.”
Police were unsuccessful in seeking a warrant for Carman’s arrest on murder charges, although “several inconsistencies” were found in his account of the events following his dinner with Chakalos.
Carman was also the focus of an investigation involving the presumed death of his mother, Linda Carman, 54, after their boat sank during a fishing trip in September.
A police affidavit issued before investigators searched Nathan Carman’s current home in Vernon, Vermont, indicated that “Linda and Nathan had different intentions as to the final destination of the fishing trip.”
Linda Carman’s disappearance remains under investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies.
Nathan Carman has denied involvement in his grandfather’s death and his mother’s presumed death.
In 2014, a judge in Middletown Superior Court found that Carman “poses a risk of imminent personal injury to himself and other individuals.”
A police affidavit that year also alleges that Carman has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism.
Chakalos, 87, was a wealthy nursing home developer who left an estate worth almost $19.6 million as of March 14, according to a New Hampshire probate court document.